Friday, December 18, 2009

Building a budget AR?

Are you building a budget AR?  I sold my DPMS and would love another AR so I'm thinking of starting a new project.

"Operation: Budget AR"

There is no time frame involved so it really comes down to just waiting for good deals.

Part one is the lower receiver.  Guess how much I found it for?


Granted, it's not a brand that most of us have heard of but I'm thinking abou it.  What are your thoughts on SI Defense?

SI Defense $50 Lower Receiver: SI Defense

Thanks to EveryDay, No Days Off for the find.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ruger LCP

I just got a Ruger LCP, specifically because I was going after my CCW.

[Update on CCW - I took the class and passed!  I just have to visit the courthouse and turn in my paperwork and I should be good to go]

I've heard great things about Keltec P3AT and similar if not better things about the Ruger so I decided to go with the Ruger.  Actually, a big part of it was thanks to Nutnfancy's review of the LCP.

So I found it for a great great price at the local gun show and snagged the last one.  Prices were varying up to another $45 so it pays to run to every booth and check them all before deciding.

On the first day I got it, I ran 100 rounds of Winchester 92 grain FMJ Target/Range ammo through it.  Since then, I've shot another 155 rounds.

So far so good but I have come into some odd charging problems with certain ammo.  I'll try to explain it more in another video but you can probably get the idea from the videos above.

Let me know if you have a Ruger LCP and what you think of it.  Overall I notice that people seem to like it a lot and I don't regret it at all.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

ITS Tactical

ITS Tactical is one of the latest blogs I've been following. There is so much cool stuff about these guys (and girls?) that I like.

Straight from their "About" page:

ITS Tactical, Inc. is dedicated to showcasing the everyday gear and DIY projects that can help you live better on the tactical side of life. We don’t limit our content to any particular viewpoint, rather our goal is to become an open-source collection of different methods, ideas and knowledge that could one day save your life.

Does that not get you hooked?! Combine the words "Tactical" and "Everyday" and you got a recipe for awesomeness. Also, who doesn't enjoy a good DIY project?

They post regularly with useful information which is key to at least my attention. They seem to talk a little about everything which is good. I've been going back into their older posts to read what I've missed since their beginning.

Also, they are someone you should follow on Twitter. They update that regularly as well with both links to new posts or contests or just replies to comments. Go ahead, tweet them! And say @mikepetrucci sent you.

They are on so many social networks and one thing I love way more than I probably should, is their use of graphics on both their site, their logo, and their uber creative social networking icon set. Check this out:

Really, this is sick! I wish I had that idea! It's graphically just so cool it's making my eyes bleed! But that sounds bad... ok, my eyes are bleeding but not blood, they are bleeding the sweet nectar (which is like Red Bull but for God) of the heavens. Sorry, you may not agree but really, take some time to appreciate those icons.

Overall, they are a no nonsense but lighthearted group that just seeks to better your knowledge of preparation for anything. Worth following? Totally.

ITS Tactical

Monday, July 6, 2009

AR15 For Sale

View the listing:


Here is a mini slideshow I just made on my iPhone:

I'll add more info to this later (and more pics) but I have a slightly used DPMS Panther Classic 16. 16" barrel with upgraded quad rail handguards (still have original too) and original solid butt stock.

I'll have to check but I think I've only put around 700-900 rounds through it and cleaned after every time. I also have the original manual and cleaning kit as well as some other cleaning products I'll throw in.

Includes original hard case and two 30 round magazines (standard mags). I have added a subdued US flag on the stock but that can be removed (I'll try to get a picture of it).

It has a carry handle with elevation and windage adjustments built into the upper receiver. I can also throw in a box of 20 rounds. Oh, this rifle accepts .223 and 5.56.

Let me know with any questions or to make an offer. Thanks!


View the listing:

Monday, June 8, 2009


This certainly is prepared!

via OpFor

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Line of sight

Wanting an AR-15 but not being able to spend a ton of dough, I had to get creative. Not really, I just bought the cheapest one of a good brand I could.

I went with a DPMS Panther Classic 16. Being an entry level model I got some things that I didn't want but you know what, you can change everything later. The important thing is really the lower receiver.

Some things that came with my rifle are the plastic handguards, A2 solid butt stock, and carrying handle integrated into the upper receiver.

Wanting to add sights later (holographic or red-dot though I'm leaning towards red-dot) I had to think of my options.

- Buy a new upper with a flat top rail (expensive and wasteful right now)
- Put my sight on the carrying handle (looks bulky and carrying would be awkward)
- Put the sight on a quad rail handguard system either on top or on side

My first upgrade was a quad rail handguard from Ops Gear; I'll post pics later.

I just haven't seen anyone elses AR with a sight AND the carrying handle... till the other day. Watching a video on YouTube of Sarah Palin shooting an AR (simulation), the soldier/instructor had an interesting setup. And I think I like it.

So, this is what I'll be going for. Check it out.

What do you think? It looks as if it's even setup for co-witness (correct term?) with the iron sights. That's an Aim Point I believe and that's the sight I've been looking for.

What I like about the above setup is that the carrying handle is still accessible and the overall profile is steal very clean. Probably as clean as you can get with having a handle and sight on board.

I'm keeping my eye out for others with carrying handles and sights. If you see one, let me know.

Stay safe.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sig Sauer Mosquito - Initial Impressions

The wife and I bought a Sig Sauer Mosquito, really it was for her birthday (early) and kinda for both of us to shoot when we didn't have the cash to shoot 5.56mm.

I am really impressed with the feel of it. It feels like a normal handgun and even though it's 10% smaller than other Sigs it doesn't feel wimpy. I have larger hands and the fit is very comfortable.

Take down is simple and it's easy to clean. We need a few more magazines and a holster would be nice but it's set for now.

Main thing is the ammo. It is indeed picky about what you feed it. I had not one problem with CCI Mini Mags but with Winchester and Federal (both Walmart) I was getting jams, misfeeds, no feeds, stove pipes... so much junk. Not fun.

That's all I got on it for now. I'll try to do a review worthy of Nutnfancy soon!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Training Notes

There is a really great post on The Michael Bane Blog on firearm training. Head over to his blog to read the entire post but here's a little snippet:

"When we talk about "training," we're really talking about training 3 separate components:

• Fundamentals
• Techniques
• Tactics"

Friday, May 8, 2009

Camping in North Carolina

My inlaws have land down south and we all spent some time camping there. The inlaws are no strangers to firearms but they haven't fired an AR-15 before and I thought they would get a kick out of this. So I got 500 rounds from Cabelas (before it got really hard to find) and we burned through 98% of it. But it was worth it, a real fun weekend. Here's some pics and vids.

30 Rounds Rapid Fire AR-15

18 Rounds Rapid Fire Marlin .22LR

10 Rounds Rapid Fire Sig Sauer Mosquito

Brother in law slingin' brass

Me in front of the shelter I made with my new Gerber LMF II

Monday, March 30, 2009

Flash Hider Comparison

While looking for a flash hider for my AR, I heard that Vortex may be the best all around (quality and cost).

I found a great thread on and here is a pic for an example.

Read more here:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tactical Impact: Speed vs Accuracy

There's a great post over at Defense Tech and I thought I'd repost the video that was on there. What's more important, speed or accuracy? Watch and find out!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pew pew.

The wife finally got her Virginia drivers license. We moved here a while ago but she never remembered to get it. I got mine right away when I tagged and registered both our vehicles.

But why do you care about her license? Well, we are going to get her her own gun. She wants a handgun and something manageable and cheap to shoot. So naturally we leaned towards a .22.

The first gun that came to mind was the Ruger MKIII. From a bunch of people that I really trust they say it's probably the best "first gun." It's highly accurate and very reliable and not too expensive. The only downside is that it's not the prettiest handgun out there.

Hmmm... what other .22 handguns are there? I quickly found the Walter P22 and the SIG Mosquito. Both look great, much like their "siblings." So, between the two, I've read more good things about the Mosquito and that's what we've decided on. Plus she likes it's styling better.

I know it won't be as accurate as the Ruger but it's hers and I want her to find something she likes. After all, if you don't like what you're shooting you probably won't shoot it as often.

So I emailed a semi local shop that said they have it in stock. I mentioned that she had her old states license and if that was a problem I could just use mine to buy it. They emailed back and said they would have to decline my sale because it would be a "straw purchase" which is illegal. Gosh, I didn't even think of that but I understand now.

But I still want the handgun for her so I apologized to them and told them we would quickly get a new license for her so that everything would be on the up and up. And I'm just letting you know now that it's all good.

So don't get mad if you wanted me to purchase the Ruger. I may still get one, but it would be for myself, so I could enter the weekly competitions at my range. But for now, we'll just have the Mosquito. Let the flaming begin.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The proof is in the pudding

Sigboy, thanks for the comments:

"No pictures, no prrof.

Pmags are awesome, but they don't fit in every mag pouch.

What is wrong with your original pistol grip?

I'm not a fan of collapsible stocks.

Quad rails are cool.

Anything else?"

Hah, really funny. Ok, I got proof. I'm working on getting some higher quality pictures and video but this is the best for now. Actually the video was shot on my iPhone.

In direct response to your comments...

I've heard pretty great things about the PMags and played with one from a fellow AR owner. They looked slick and felt normal to load.

Nothing is wrong with the pistol grip but I've seen online a few more ergonomic ones that looked like they had a soft sticky rubber feel. Also, I thought about getting the forest green furniture for the stock, grip, and handguards but I'm not sure if I will yet or not.

Collapsible stocks... well, I like the one I have now, which is just a full on permanent stock but if I were to go with a collapsible I like the Magpul's over the standard M4. The one I have is kinda cool too because it has a little compartment for cleaning supplies or maybe even a small survival kit or something. But the collapsible would be good if different people use my rifle, being able to adjust more properly.

But I certainly want to get a quad rail handguard. No accessories right now to put on there but I'll put some on later. Also, they look way way better than the stock plastic handguard.

Tickets to the gun show (a real gun show)

My first gun show. It was both larger than I thought it would be and smaller. There were so many guns around but all I was really looking for was one gun, my AR15. I must have circled the whole place 3 times in what felt like seconds just to see where the AR's were then I went around comparing prices.

Also, I was wondering why so many guys had plastic water bottles with iced tea in them but only 1/3 left. I realized why when I saw one guy spit, and not so elegantly into the bottle. Ohhhhhhh, now I know what's in there...

Now that I got that figured out, it was time to find my AR. I met up with another friend of mine who knew a vendor and I managed to get some money off the black rifle.

No accessories just the basics. The AR15 came with a hard case (which kinda sucks because it rattles around so I need to upgrade it), 2 30rd magazines, a basic cleaning kit and a sling.

The rest of the gun show was amazing! There were so many firearms, accessories, military surplus stuff, everything!

Some things I want to add are:

- Quad rail handguard

- Magpul collapsible stock

- Magpul PMAG's

- New pistol grip

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I found some decent prices (but they may not be the best) over at Parts 4

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Got my first gun!

About 2 months ago I got my first gun. I went to the big ol' gun show and found the one I wanted. It's something I've always wanted and really wanted to get it before it got banned. So, can you guess what I got?

Yup, an AR15. It's a DPMS Panther Classic 16. It's so stock and plain but I plan on adding some stuff like new Magpul P Mags, the Magpul collapsible stock, quadrail handrail and that's just for starters. Nothing like some new furniture to really turn the look around. Maybe even that dark green color...

Anyway, the wife now loves shooting, who knew! Well, most of you know it's pretty contagious. She also wants her own gun now, preferably a .22 handgun. We planned on getting the Ruger MKIII because it's the most accurate but she really prefers the style of the Sig Mosquito. We aren't going to be shooting competitions, just for plinking and having fun so it's ok.

But that brings me to a new idea. I want to get my CCW permit soon and I want a good conceal carry handgun. I read some great things about revolvers and I thought the S&W 642 would be the one for me. I don't need the latest whiz bang shooter just 5-6 rounds and easy to conceal and use. .38 should be good for both my wife and myself.

But looking around online, this is what I've been looking at:
- Taurus 1911 (just for fun but it's probably more than I want to pay for)

But in the end, I want compact, a good knockdown caliber, high quality, cheap as possible.

Do you have any tips for me?

Oh, and I'll be posting pics and vids of my new AR soon.

Looking for AR15 ammo?

You have to check out They have a great little list with people reviews. Very helpful, virtually priceless. Here is a sample of what it looks like but take the jump and head on over to

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Survival Strap Spotted in the Wild!

[Survival Straps] I have an ACU one with the black side clasp. Josh has a black extra wide with the metal clasp. 15 feet and 20 feet of 550 cord, respectively, just in case.

Check it out!

Found in this article:

in this magazine:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Buying an AR-15

I got some great info from Jay (if you're there and want me to link to you, just comment with your site or blog) about buying an AR-15, well, really guns in general.  He knows I've been thinking about getting an AR and he offered up some wisdom.  I thought I would share it with you all because I found it helpful!

From Jay: 
A rule of thumb: don't buy your firearms at a gunshop. They will rip you off.

Check online store prices before buying from a local gunshop. They are 0%-10% higher then fair price value but you don't have to pay for taxes or shipping. Use this online store as a price benchmark.

CDNN have one of the lowest gun price around. Download their catalog.

If you want to order from an online shop you have to find an FFL dealer for transfer. Any gunshop that charge over $15 is a ripoff.

To find the cheapest FFL transfer fee go to this site and enter your zipcode.

You're in the military? If so you can join the Quantico gun club. I'm not sure what their policy for non-military. They got the best range in northmen VA. You can get a lot of excellent free training from them. They also hold competitions.

Once again, thanks Jay for the info, I'll be looking over all of this stuff and bookmarking them as well.  Hope it helps all you others out there!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

AR-15 Builder

Over at the Firearm Blog I saw a link about an interactive AR-15 builder. How cool! You can customize it any way you want. So I thought I'd try it out last night. I made a few examples, from sand colored Iraq ready AR's to full automatic with 100 round drum SAW style AR's. Check it out, and build your own!

"Tactical Sniper"


"Standard Iraq"

"Special Ops"


"SAW Mod"

"Old School"


"Iraq Marksman"

Monday, January 12, 2009

Range Time

I love coming to the inlaws because I can shoot my air rifle as much as I want out back. I got a pellet trap too so I wanted to give it a shot. It can take paper targets and hanging metal animals. I decided to go with the biggest and the smallest metal targets.

I started with the big horn sheep and hit that a good number of times so feeling confident I switched to the duck. It's pretty small.

On my first attempt, I hit it. I also hit it so hard a few times after that the hanger piece came off. Yeah, so I can't use that one anymore.

Oh, but yesterday I tried the paper target and had a pretty decent grouping. All shots were fired from a standing unsupported position about 96 feet away. I feel pretty good!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

First gun, seriously.

Ok, so a while ago, I told you my first gun was going to be the Ruger MKIII.  Cheap to buy, cheap to shoot, great beginner gun.  We'll, even though I've never owned a gun (other than my new air rifle), I'm not really a beginner.  I'm not an expert but I'm learning.

So after shooting shotguns with my brother in law, I fell way in love with the shotgun.  "That is a much better first gun; still cheap and true home protection."  I said.  

Then in one of my gun magazines, they were advertising Yugo SKS's for $150.  WHA?!  I've shot that exact rifle before and loved it!  And for that price, why not!  So the wife said that it would be fine.

BUT, a few guys from the office are going to the Dulles/Chantilly Gun Show and one friend said he knew a guy at a booth that sells Rock River AR-15's for $500-600 complete.  Whoa!  Isn't Rock River a pretty decent brand?!  

So, the wife said THAT was ok too!  Oh, I'm not getting all of these, this is just the progression.  How awesome is that!?  My first real gun is going to be an AR-15.  Dude, blows my mind.

I don't think they sell magazines there though, so if you know a good company that makes quality (semi-inexpensive) mags, do tell.  I'm not rough with my stuff so I won't be dropping them but I understand that accidents happen and they may get gently abused, hopefully not by me though.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Shoot the Baddies

Awesome! I found this on Flickr and this is just hilarious. I guess you gotta be ready for anything. Very well done.

Monday, December 29, 2008

I bought a gun!

Sort of. It's a pellet gun. Technically it's not a firearm but this thing would give you a hurtin! It's a
Remington Summit and I got it at Dicks Sporting Goods. Also, it looks the price went back up already so get yours soon before it goes up again!

Why did I get one? Well, I really want a gun, and I've always wanted a "bb gun" and since my wife gave me half of her shopping spree winnings and told me to blow it on whatever, I did!

It's a really nice one without getting too too expensive and it's super cheap to shoot and you can even shoot it indoors (be mindful of doors). I saw a guy online kill a turkey with one!

Shooting is just a blast (no pun intended) but it really is fun. And this thing is accurate. I haven't really gotten the scope sighted in 100% but it's very close. I need a good gun rest (which I'll just build with random stuff) to really test it out.

It's really hefty too. It's about 8 pounds and feels comfortable. Also feels very "quality." I'm not worried about it having problems. It's a break barrel and single shot at a time but that's fine with me. Also, with it being a one pumper, it's super fast and keeps good velocity, up to 1,000 feet per second! Real guns, .22 cal zoom by at just about 1280 fps.

So anyway, that was a little gift to myself, courtesy of my wife really. I love it! Now if she'll only let me hang it over the fireplace...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I scream you scream everyone screams for guns.

Hah, not ice cream.  Gun sales are up, they are.  That's interested.  I thought it was just a urban legend statistic or something, but they really are up!  People seem to be worried about Obama messing with the 2nd amendment, not that I'm not worried either, I just haven't bought an M16 yet.

I am thinking about buying a gun though, and have been for a few weeks.  It has come down to a Ruger MK III 22/45.  I found one new for $235 with a case and two magazines.

The main thing I want to worry about is just to make sure that I have some place to shoot it.  No good buying a gun and never being able to use it!  But I found a place, maybe 20-30 minutes away.  And if I bun the gun from them and sign up for $100/yr membership I get the gun at their cost and I get 12 free range visits.

The reason I picked the Ruger is from a number of recommendations and the fact that its inexpensive to buy and shoot.  A box of .22 rounds is super cheap!  Also, the Rugers are known to be accurate, so that's a much added bonus. 

I'll let you know when I buy it, but nothing yet.