Friday, March 20, 2009

Tickets to the gun show (a real gun show)

My first gun show. It was both larger than I thought it would be and smaller. There were so many guns around but all I was really looking for was one gun, my AR15. I must have circled the whole place 3 times in what felt like seconds just to see where the AR's were then I went around comparing prices.

Also, I was wondering why so many guys had plastic water bottles with iced tea in them but only 1/3 left. I realized why when I saw one guy spit, and not so elegantly into the bottle. Ohhhhhhh, now I know what's in there...

Now that I got that figured out, it was time to find my AR. I met up with another friend of mine who knew a vendor and I managed to get some money off the black rifle.

No accessories just the basics. The AR15 came with a hard case (which kinda sucks because it rattles around so I need to upgrade it), 2 30rd magazines, a basic cleaning kit and a sling.

The rest of the gun show was amazing! There were so many firearms, accessories, military surplus stuff, everything!

Some things I want to add are:

- Quad rail handguard

- Magpul collapsible stock

- Magpul PMAG's

- New pistol grip

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I found some decent prices (but they may not be the best) over at Parts 4

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Sigboy said...

No pictures, no prrof.

Pmags are awesome, but they don't fit in every mag pouch.

What is wrong with your original pistol grip?

I'm not a fan of collapsible stocks.

Quad rails are cool.

Anything else?