Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Got my first gun!

About 2 months ago I got my first gun. I went to the big ol' gun show and found the one I wanted. It's something I've always wanted and really wanted to get it before it got banned. So, can you guess what I got?

Yup, an AR15. It's a DPMS Panther Classic 16. It's so stock and plain but I plan on adding some stuff like new Magpul P Mags, the Magpul collapsible stock, quadrail handrail and that's just for starters. Nothing like some new furniture to really turn the look around. Maybe even that dark green color...

Anyway, the wife now loves shooting, who knew! Well, most of you know it's pretty contagious. She also wants her own gun now, preferably a .22 handgun. We planned on getting the Ruger MKIII because it's the most accurate but she really prefers the style of the Sig Mosquito. We aren't going to be shooting competitions, just for plinking and having fun so it's ok.

But that brings me to a new idea. I want to get my CCW permit soon and I want a good conceal carry handgun. I read some great things about revolvers and I thought the S&W 642 would be the one for me. I don't need the latest whiz bang shooter just 5-6 rounds and easy to conceal and use. .38 should be good for both my wife and myself.

But looking around online, this is what I've been looking at:
- Taurus 1911 (just for fun but it's probably more than I want to pay for)

But in the end, I want compact, a good knockdown caliber, high quality, cheap as possible.

Do you have any tips for me?

Oh, and I'll be posting pics and vids of my new AR soon.


Anonymous said...

- Ruger LCR
Ruger has had a lot of problems with new gun introductions lately.
Ya might want to hold off on this one to see if they recall this one.

- Taurus Judge
Way to bulky for concealed.

- S&W 642
Any J frame will be fine and are common back up guns for police as well as people in hot climates. You only have 5 rounds but hopefully you will never need them.

Word to wise -RENT ANY OF THEM,
The 642 will hurt your hand so it's not a range gun. You wife will probably hate it if she shoots it. That said, it's probably the one to actually carry.

- Taurus 1911
Can't tell you on this one.

Ya might want to try and Springfield XD subcompact. Maybe too big for you but FUN FUN FUN to shoot.

My 2 cents - good luck -take the course and try before you buy.

Anonymous said...