Friday, March 20, 2009

The proof is in the pudding

Sigboy, thanks for the comments:

"No pictures, no prrof.

Pmags are awesome, but they don't fit in every mag pouch.

What is wrong with your original pistol grip?

I'm not a fan of collapsible stocks.

Quad rails are cool.

Anything else?"

Hah, really funny. Ok, I got proof. I'm working on getting some higher quality pictures and video but this is the best for now. Actually the video was shot on my iPhone.

In direct response to your comments...

I've heard pretty great things about the PMags and played with one from a fellow AR owner. They looked slick and felt normal to load.

Nothing is wrong with the pistol grip but I've seen online a few more ergonomic ones that looked like they had a soft sticky rubber feel. Also, I thought about getting the forest green furniture for the stock, grip, and handguards but I'm not sure if I will yet or not.

Collapsible stocks... well, I like the one I have now, which is just a full on permanent stock but if I were to go with a collapsible I like the Magpul's over the standard M4. The one I have is kinda cool too because it has a little compartment for cleaning supplies or maybe even a small survival kit or something. But the collapsible would be good if different people use my rifle, being able to adjust more properly.

But I certainly want to get a quad rail handguard. No accessories right now to put on there but I'll put some on later. Also, they look way way better than the stock plastic handguard.

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Sigboy said...

That's some mighty fine pudding. I never doubted you.
I have a Hogue grip on my AR, it is Awesome, it is also painful when the temp falls below zero. It hurts to hold onto and it becomes harder than the mil-spec factory one. Just my .02