Sunday, January 11, 2009

First gun, seriously.

Ok, so a while ago, I told you my first gun was going to be the Ruger MKIII.  Cheap to buy, cheap to shoot, great beginner gun.  We'll, even though I've never owned a gun (other than my new air rifle), I'm not really a beginner.  I'm not an expert but I'm learning.

So after shooting shotguns with my brother in law, I fell way in love with the shotgun.  "That is a much better first gun; still cheap and true home protection."  I said.  

Then in one of my gun magazines, they were advertising Yugo SKS's for $150.  WHA?!  I've shot that exact rifle before and loved it!  And for that price, why not!  So the wife said that it would be fine.

BUT, a few guys from the office are going to the Dulles/Chantilly Gun Show and one friend said he knew a guy at a booth that sells Rock River AR-15's for $500-600 complete.  Whoa!  Isn't Rock River a pretty decent brand?!  

So, the wife said THAT was ok too!  Oh, I'm not getting all of these, this is just the progression.  How awesome is that!?  My first real gun is going to be an AR-15.  Dude, blows my mind.

I don't think they sell magazines there though, so if you know a good company that makes quality (semi-inexpensive) mags, do tell.  I'm not rough with my stuff so I won't be dropping them but I understand that accidents happen and they may get gently abused, hopefully not by me though.


Jay said...

Did you bought the AR15?

Mike said...

No, not yet. I'm waiting till the Dulles/Chantilly gun show. A co worker said he knows a guy there selling Rock River complete AR's for $500-600 so I would love to get that deal! Do you have one?

Jay said...

Technically I have over 20 AR15.

I have three complete AR15 rifles, plus one complete upper, and over 20 strip receivers.

I've been trying to complete my forth, but right now it is almost impossible. Every manufacture have at least a 3 months waiting list.

Most AR15 manufacture are working 6 days 20 hour shifts. For every order they completed 3 more comes in.

I can't see a complete RR AR15 go for $600, not new and even if it used it probably cost over $600.

Make sure you're not getting rip off. Check who makes the upper and lower before buying.

Go to for more information.

Mike said...

Thanks for the headsup. I didn't know all that. I really appreciate your help. You aren't interested in selling one...Hah, just kidding, thanks again!

Jay said...

A rule of thumb: don't buy your firearms at a gunshop. They will rip you off.

Check online store prices before buying from a local gunshop. They are 0%-10% higher then fair price value but you don't have to pay for taxes or shipping. Use this online store as a price benchmark.

CDNN have one of the lowest gun price around. Download their catalog.

If you want to order from an online shop you have to find an FFL dealer for transfer. Any gunshop that charge over $15 is a ripoff.

To find the cheapest FFL transfer fee go to this site and enter your zipcode.

You're in the military? If so you can join the Quantico gun club. I'm not sure what their policy for non-military. They got the best range in northmen VA. You can get a lot of excellent free training from them. They also hold competitions.