Friday, January 23, 2009

Buying an AR-15

I got some great info from Jay (if you're there and want me to link to you, just comment with your site or blog) about buying an AR-15, well, really guns in general.  He knows I've been thinking about getting an AR and he offered up some wisdom.  I thought I would share it with you all because I found it helpful!

From Jay: 
A rule of thumb: don't buy your firearms at a gunshop. They will rip you off.

Check online store prices before buying from a local gunshop. They are 0%-10% higher then fair price value but you don't have to pay for taxes or shipping. Use this online store as a price benchmark.

CDNN have one of the lowest gun price around. Download their catalog.

If you want to order from an online shop you have to find an FFL dealer for transfer. Any gunshop that charge over $15 is a ripoff.

To find the cheapest FFL transfer fee go to this site and enter your zipcode.

You're in the military? If so you can join the Quantico gun club. I'm not sure what their policy for non-military. They got the best range in northmen VA. You can get a lot of excellent free training from them. They also hold competitions.

Once again, thanks Jay for the info, I'll be looking over all of this stuff and bookmarking them as well.  Hope it helps all you others out there!

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