Saturday, June 6, 2009

Line of sight

Wanting an AR-15 but not being able to spend a ton of dough, I had to get creative. Not really, I just bought the cheapest one of a good brand I could.

I went with a DPMS Panther Classic 16. Being an entry level model I got some things that I didn't want but you know what, you can change everything later. The important thing is really the lower receiver.

Some things that came with my rifle are the plastic handguards, A2 solid butt stock, and carrying handle integrated into the upper receiver.

Wanting to add sights later (holographic or red-dot though I'm leaning towards red-dot) I had to think of my options.

- Buy a new upper with a flat top rail (expensive and wasteful right now)
- Put my sight on the carrying handle (looks bulky and carrying would be awkward)
- Put the sight on a quad rail handguard system either on top or on side

My first upgrade was a quad rail handguard from Ops Gear; I'll post pics later.

I just haven't seen anyone elses AR with a sight AND the carrying handle... till the other day. Watching a video on YouTube of Sarah Palin shooting an AR (simulation), the soldier/instructor had an interesting setup. And I think I like it.

So, this is what I'll be going for. Check it out.

What do you think? It looks as if it's even setup for co-witness (correct term?) with the iron sights. That's an Aim Point I believe and that's the sight I've been looking for.

What I like about the above setup is that the carrying handle is still accessible and the overall profile is steal very clean. Probably as clean as you can get with having a handle and sight on board.

I'm keeping my eye out for others with carrying handles and sights. If you see one, let me know.

Stay safe.

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