Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sig Sauer Mosquito - Initial Impressions

The wife and I bought a Sig Sauer Mosquito, really it was for her birthday (early) and kinda for both of us to shoot when we didn't have the cash to shoot 5.56mm.

I am really impressed with the feel of it. It feels like a normal handgun and even though it's 10% smaller than other Sigs it doesn't feel wimpy. I have larger hands and the fit is very comfortable.

Take down is simple and it's easy to clean. We need a few more magazines and a holster would be nice but it's set for now.

Main thing is the ammo. It is indeed picky about what you feed it. I had not one problem with CCI Mini Mags but with Winchester and Federal (both Walmart) I was getting jams, misfeeds, no feeds, stove pipes... so much junk. Not fun.

That's all I got on it for now. I'll try to do a review worthy of Nutnfancy soon!


Anonymous said...

Just bought one of these myself. I also notice that with any ammo other than CCI I got quite a few jams. Interesting. Love the gun though.

Karlon said...

I've shot mine with cci no problem. Also with Remington subsonic with no problem...I use a supressor but that shouldn't matter. What is your trigger pull? Mine was over 8 lbs. Took it to a gunsmith who got it down to 7 lbs and asked me not to bring it back. Sure would like it down around 4 to 5 lbs.

Mike said...

Yeah Karlon, it's a pretty heavy trigger pull but I'm not sure of the amount number. Single action seems ok though. It's still a fun little gun!