Monday, December 29, 2008

I bought a gun!

Sort of. It's a pellet gun. Technically it's not a firearm but this thing would give you a hurtin! It's a
Remington Summit and I got it at Dicks Sporting Goods. Also, it looks the price went back up already so get yours soon before it goes up again!

Why did I get one? Well, I really want a gun, and I've always wanted a "bb gun" and since my wife gave me half of her shopping spree winnings and told me to blow it on whatever, I did!

It's a really nice one without getting too too expensive and it's super cheap to shoot and you can even shoot it indoors (be mindful of doors). I saw a guy online kill a turkey with one!

Shooting is just a blast (no pun intended) but it really is fun. And this thing is accurate. I haven't really gotten the scope sighted in 100% but it's very close. I need a good gun rest (which I'll just build with random stuff) to really test it out.

It's really hefty too. It's about 8 pounds and feels comfortable. Also feels very "quality." I'm not worried about it having problems. It's a break barrel and single shot at a time but that's fine with me. Also, with it being a one pumper, it's super fast and keeps good velocity, up to 1,000 feet per second! Real guns, .22 cal zoom by at just about 1280 fps.

So anyway, that was a little gift to myself, courtesy of my wife really. I love it! Now if she'll only let me hang it over the fireplace...

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Steve said...

A great looking air rifle!