Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I scream you scream everyone screams for guns.

Hah, not ice cream.  Gun sales are up, they are.  That's interested.  I thought it was just a urban legend statistic or something, but they really are up!  People seem to be worried about Obama messing with the 2nd amendment, not that I'm not worried either, I just haven't bought an M16 yet.

I am thinking about buying a gun though, and have been for a few weeks.  It has come down to a Ruger MK III 22/45.  I found one new for $235 with a case and two magazines.

The main thing I want to worry about is just to make sure that I have some place to shoot it.  No good buying a gun and never being able to use it!  But I found a place, maybe 20-30 minutes away.  And if I bun the gun from them and sign up for $100/yr membership I get the gun at their cost and I get 12 free range visits.

The reason I picked the Ruger is from a number of recommendations and the fact that its inexpensive to buy and shoot.  A box of .22 rounds is super cheap!  Also, the Rugers are known to be accurate, so that's a much added bonus. 

I'll let you know when I buy it, but nothing yet.

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