Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Coke is It

coke is it
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Just a neat photo I found on Flickr.

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text intended to go with above photo...coke is it!! occupation = $$$$

"Israel is the biggest recipient of total foreign aid in the world....[T]he US has been giving Israel approximately US$3 billion every year since 1973, out of which US$1.2 billion is economic aid and US$1.8 is military aid" In 2000, foreign aid to the occupied Palestinian territories (OPT) totalled US$0.6 billion; in the same year Israel received US$4.7 billion. "Israel still controls utilities (such as water, electricity and phone services) in the OPT and in 2004 alone, confiscated US$15.8 million from aid sent to the OPT for utility bills owed by Palestinian municipalities. A recent report showed that Israel charges exorbitant prices for these utilities; despite the low income of the Palestinians, they actually pay more for their electricity than Israelis." , "73% of all imports to the OPT come from Israel."

- all above quotes taken from Shir Hever's "The Economy of the Occupation - Part One"

In the build up to he 1993 Oslo accords "peace agreement" intended to solve the violent conflict between Palestine and its occupier, Israel, the Clinton administration offered a US$ ten billion bribe for Israel to enter negotiations with the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO). Clinton's advisors eventually talked him out of this on the grounds that the US economy simply couldn't afford such a large payout. Clinton still managed, however, to financially persuade Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin to partake in Oslo just to create the impression the state was interested in a peace process - the media friendly "road map" (which coincidentally Israel has failed to adhere to: Israel consistently acuses Palestine of breaches). Israel's continued settlement policy in the West Bank provides evidence contrary to its peace seeking facade. Israel is the world's third largest arms exporter (fact), receives more foreign aid than Palestine, continues its occupation of the West Bank and promotes itself as the only democracy in the middle east (the term now in popular use is an ethnocracy as Arab Israelis have second rate citizenship: hence the Apartheid label many are giving the state). Israel applied to the world bank for foreign aid to build the apartheid wall, a wall which at first Israel claimed to serve as a security barrier: it has now been exposed that Israel knew the wall could never serve to stop TERRORISM (Terrible but Extreme Reaction Relative to the Oppression, Racism, and Ignorance of State Machinery). According to expert information, Israel will in the very near future declare the wall as the new political border between Israel and Palestine. Obviously it cannot be declared as official as it does not stick to the 1967 armistice "green line".