Friday, September 26, 2008

M4... Yah Fuired.

[photo by swearrr]

[the title was my Donald Trump impression... lame, I know...]

The military is looking for an M4 replacement.  Many of you probably already know about this though.  So, many companies are presenting what they think would be the next great carbine.

I've been seeing many different options and my general opinion on the ones that I saw is that they all feel very "Starship Troopery."  They look more like Nerf guns than a legit battle rifle.  Now, that's just based on the design and I have never held, fired, or even seen one of them in person.  But they do all look bulky.

I wonder what it was like to see the transition to the M16... Did people think it looked too modern?

Something about the M4 makes me really, really like it.  It feels solid, but not heavy, it's black, which is beautiful, and it just looks tough, edgy almost.  

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