Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gun Free Zones

I don't really think that gun free zones are a great idea.  Well, sort of.  I mean, it sounds like a good idea on paper but I don't think it's that practical.  Well, certain places like bars or other places but some of the places they are banned should be allowed.  

It varies from state to state but I think schools and churches are always gun free zones. Though, to me be those appear to be the places that need them the most.  What if an armed teacher or parishioner could have stopped the evil people that came in to those places before they could any damage?

I think proper training, permits, and qualifications are all key and that not just having a gun in your briefcase isn't necessarily going to help.  In fact, that may actually make things worse.

But when there is the possibility of evil attacking us at the places we feel comfortable, I think that we owe it to those around us to act as a protecting force.

End rant.

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