Friday, August 29, 2008

M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle

I just watched a video about the M110 Sniper Rifle (see video below).  This thing is pretty amazing!  Now, it's not .50 but that doesn't bother me.  800 - 1000 meters is some decent range.  The most popular .50 that I can think of is the Barrett M82 or M107.  That has a range of around 1800 meters.

But the M110 has some tricks.  It is around 15 pounds (versus the Barretts almost 30), can support a silencer, and has some trick optics.

It's also magazine fed but so is the Barrett.  Look,  I don't really want to compare them though, I want to compare the M110 to other snipers out there.  The magazine makes  a big difference.  More time pulling the trigger than reloading is the main thing.  Also, keeping your eyes on the prize is a bonus.

I think I would choose this over many rifles just because of it's accuracy and stealth.  15 pounds and silenced?  If you get discovered you can make a run for it and not be too weighed down.  But as long as you hole up in a good spot you should be fine.

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